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Swim-Trainer Race

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Игры Спорт
0.99 USD has specially lowered its price to tier 1 for all our fans who wish to download the app. is pleased to bring for the swimmer who wants to train even out of the water the first 3D iPhone game based on the swim computer watch metrics - We all have to relax and have fun!

The only game that lets you swim in the championship interactively against 6 other world class swimmers in the 50m pool, watch your race from different angles, the statistics with full swim metrics and in single race or championship format. You don’t need to get into the pool to have the race of your life.

Advisory note please hold your iPhone securely in your hand at all times and do not release your phone whilst playing the game.

Swimmer and Gamer our suggested arm rotation movement, please follow the steps 1-5. This is true replication of the swim movement and avoids unnecessary stress on your upper body. There is a stun mechanism to stop gamers from cheating with incorrect arm movements.

Options – select one of 2 levels Beginner or Advance

New Game – Select your Country

Choose race format: quick race is a straight 50m or

Championship starts first with 50 m qualifying race (first 4 qualify)

Then the semifinal (first 3 go to the final) it’s getting harder and the pressure is now on in the final. You race with 6 other great swimmers in 100m race with flipturn to know your position in the top 7, each race you can review before swimming on if you have qualified!

Review Race: 3 choices can be viewed separately or in order

Review Full Race: play the race as you swam against the 6 others. From the start block in the amazing world stadium to the finish of your race, you can switch camera view to see your progress in the 7 swimmers.

Be amazed by the 3D graphic and water sounds as you swim against your competitors.

View the scoreboard to know your position just like in the real pool down to chrono 1/100 secs

Statistics: Just like in the real pool with the swim computer watches from the full analysis- distance swum, race time, strokes per sec, total strokes, pace, distance per stroke and Efficiency (the lower your reading the further you are traveling a key metric in the real world of swimming)

Feeling inspired enter the real world of swimming download the app!

Interested please look at the amazing video trailer of the game:

Swim 2 the max.
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Mark Oliver- Director